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Expanded Metal Angle Bead Reinforces Plastering Corner

Expanded metal angle bead is used to produce a truly straight corner which protects and reinforces plaster with its expanded wings that offered by expanded metal construction. It helps protect plaster where it is most vulnerable, widely used in new build or refurbishment projects. As we all know that in building construction or when the project is completed, the plaster or rendered corners are easily damaged easily, which brings much trouble. Using appropriate angle beads can form a true straight arris that won't easily crack because the expanded metal wings ensure that the bead is securely anchored in the corner depth of plaster on either side of the arris, so the angle bead has another name - expanded metal corner bead.

There are four angle beads with different sizes.
Four stainless steel angle beads are displayed, and galvanized angle beads are also available.
The picture shows angle bead application at site, and two angle beads are applied on the corner of the stair.
Expanded metal angle beads offer great protection to the plastering corner.


  • Stainless steel or galvanized treatment for corrosion resistance.
  • The exact size of the acute angle design disperses the force by the impact.
  • Angle beads shorten the construction time and save the cost.
  • Various sizes for choice and quality guaranteed.
There are many boxes of expanded metal angle beads, with labels on the side, and there is specified size of the angel bead on the label.
Expanded metal angle beads are firstly packaged in cartons and then in containers.


  • Material: galvanized steel, stainless steel.
  • Standard angle bead (internal use): 47 mm wing as standard angle bead, available in 2.4 m, 2.7 m, 2.8 m, 3 m, for 10 mm - 20 mm plaster depths.
  • Stainless steel angle bead (external use): available in 3 m, to suit 16 mm - 20 mm plaster depths.

Note: other sizes are also available, please contact us for your unique requirement.

Expanded metal angle beads are used for reinforcing corners in building construction field, usually galvanized steel for internal use and stainless steel for external use, and the stainless steel angle beads are specifically designed for cement based renders and should be not used with gypsum based plasters.

Packed in cartons (25 pieces or 40 pieces per carton).

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