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Expanded Metal Chimney Caps Isolate Undesired Intruders

Expanded metal chimney caps are usually made to prevent debris, rain and critters from entering your chimney. Chimney caps are must-have units that no chimney should be without, for the important benefits offered. They can keep out moisture and animals (like snakes, rats, birds or others), also act as spark arrestors. A chimney cap is mainly composed of two parts: wire mesh sides and a cap cover. For well protecting your chimney, we use heavy duty expanded metal mesh with durable properties, and another important thing is maintenance, which seems simple but crucial. Once the chimney cap is damaged, you need to have it repaired or replaced in time.

Another way for critters entering your home is through the roof vent. We also offer expanded metal roof vent guard for better protecting your properties. Expanded metal roof vent guard is made to prevent pesky animals entering your home through roof vents (static vents, power ventilators or other additional vents). Many roof vents are made from plastic material with simple screen or no screening which offers opportunity for squirrels, raccoons or birds to get into the attic where they may do severe damage to your properties. Expanded metal roof vent guard is an effective barrier against the critters. It is commonly constructed of heavy-duty 18 gauge expanded metal mesh that animals can't get through. We offer multiple sizes to fit a broad range of venting applications.

One expanded metal chimney cap made from stainless steel, and there are four screws at the bottoms of the four corners.
Expanded metal chimney cap prevents debris or animals entering the chimney, it is installed with the screws at the bottom.
One stainless steel expanded metal roof vent guard, it is upside down with trapezoid shaped.
Expanded metal can be made into roof vent guard, and the material could be stainless steel, galvanized steel or others.
One chimney cap installed on the top of chimney, the metal sheet acts as the cap cover, its four sides are downward.
One of expanded metal applications is the chimney cap, which can prevent animals and debris entering the chimney.


  • Expanded metal construction for durable use, and animals can't get in the vent or chimney easily.
  • Various sizes are available, and we also supply made to size.
  • Easy to install (make sure that no animals are inside the vent or chimney before installation).
  • Powder coated or stainless steel for high corrosion resistance.


  • Material: stainless steel, carbon steel (can be coated with your favorable colours), pre-galvanized steel, copper.
  • Dimensions: customization.

Note: measure your vent or chimney to make sure the product fit your applications. Too small screen mesh leads to blocking and large open mesh easily makes creatures get in your home.

Installation & maintenance
You may use nails in the installation of chimney caps and roof vent guard, because you need to fix them onto the chimney or vent. Sent for a qualified roofing contractor when necessary. And check the guard or chimney cap regularly to make sure they are in well function.

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