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Micro Expanded Metal – Various Materials and Versatile Applications

A piece of stainless steel micro expanded metal with raised diamond meshes on the black background.
MEM-01: Micro expanded metal has fine thickness and small meshes.

Micro expanded metal, a kind of special expanded metal, is made from a high quality fine steel sheet of aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel that is uniformly slit and stretched into diamond, hexagonal and other hole patterns you want. Different hole patterns can be used for different applications, which can permit the light, air, heat and sound passage.
The main technology of micro expanded metal is stretching and expanding, which will not lose any material, so it is much more economical alternative to perforated metal.

Micro expanded metal is a very versatile and economical product, which is widely used as filter elements support, speaker grill covering, rain gutter filter, battery grid plate and other wide range of applications.

Specifications of micro expanded metal

  • Materials of micro expanded metal
    • Low carbon steel.
    • Galvanized steel.
    • Aluminum steel.
    • Stainless steel.
    • Nickel.
    • Copper.
    • silver.
  • Hole patterns of micro expanded metal
    • Diamond.
    • Square.
    • Round.
    • Hexagonal.
  • Hole type of micro expanded metal
    • Raised/standard hole.
    • Flattened hole.
  • Detailed specifications: refer to the table 1 and table 2.
A piece of galvanized micro expanded metal with flattened diamond on the table.
MEM-02: Galvanized micro expanded metal.
A piece of copper expanded metal with raised round holes.
MEM-03: Copper micro expanded metal.
A hand is holding a piece of gray surface micro expanded metal with flattened diamond meshes.
MEM-04: Flattened–diamond–micro expanded metal.
A hand is holding a piece of stainless steel micro expanded metal with raised diamond meshes.
MEM-05: Raised–diamond–micro expanded metal.
A hand is holding two pieces of stainless steel micro expanded metal sheet with round meshes.
MEM-06: Stainless steel – round – micro expanded metal.
A piece of micro expanded metal with hexagonal meshes.
MEM-07: Stainless steel – hexagonal – micro expanded metal.

Features of micro expanded metal

  • Durable.
  • Attractive.
  • One-piece construction.
  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Low wind resistance.
  • Easy to cut and shear.
  • Available in many styles and hole patterns.

Applications of micro expanded metal

Low carbon steel micro expanded metal is installed on the gutter and four yellow leaves on it.
MEM-08: Micro expanded metal is used individually for blocking leaves.
Micro expanded metal with woven wire mesh are installed on the gutter.
MEM-09: Micro expanded metal is used with woven wire mesh for better filtering and blocking.
A copper micro expanded metal strip on the gray background.
MEM-10: Copper micro expanded metal has excellent conductive performance.
A micro expanded metal sheet and an inner structure of battery.
MEM-11: Micro expanded metal is widely used in battery manufacturing.
Several filter discs made of galvanized micro expanded metal and wrapped edge on the white background.
MEM-12: Filter disc – micro expanded metal.
A hand is holding a expanded metal filter cylinder and several cylinders in the carton.
MEM-13: Filter cylinder – micro expanded metal.
A bowl shaped micro expanded metal filter element on the gray background.
MEM-14: Filter bowl – micro expanded metal.
A filter cylinder with micro expanded metal support on the white background.
MEM-15: Micro expanded metal support grid.
  • Gutter filter.
    Micro expanded metal can be used individually or used combined with woven wire mesh as gutter filter. It can block falling leaves entering and blocking the gutter. The meshes permit air, sunlight and rain passing through to ensure the gutter dry and clean. Additional, the small meshes of expanded metal and woven wire mesh can keep out wasps and other pests. When you use it, just fasten them on existing rain gutters, no need to replace existing rain gutter.
  • Batteries grid plate.
    The micro expanded metal is key component in battery manufacturing. It is flexible and with high surface area and cost-effective. The mesh openings allow fluids flowing through them. Additional, the micro expanded metal is conductive, it allows the transport of the protons from the anode to the cathode through the membrane. The micro expanded metal can be made into coils, discs and almost any shapes as required.
  • Filtration.
    The micro expanded metal with fine thickness, prevision engineered mesh openings, percent open area is widely used as filtration material in physical, chemical and other applications. Additional, the micro expanded metal can provide a consistently high level of precision and strength. Micro expanded metal has good filtering or retention performance no matter for air, light, solid or liquid.
The components of microphone are bulk on the table.
MEM-16: Micro expanded metal can be used in microphone for better sound quality.
The micro expanded metal is covering the loudspeaker on the car.
MEM-17: Micro expanded metal can be used as loudspeaker covers on the car.
Copper micro expanded metal are used as building sunshade screening.
MEM-18: Micro expanded metal sunshade screening.
Galvanized micro expanded metal sheets are installed on the ceiling and a lamp in the center of the ceiling.
MEM-19: Micro expanded metal ceiling.
A round table and five chairs are made of micro expanded metal and frames.
MEM-20: Micro expanded metal furniture.
A rectangular and a square document basket made of micro expanded metal on the floor.
MEM-21: Micro expanded metal document basket.
  • EMI/RFI shielding.
    Micro expanded metal can blocking and shielding Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) or Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and other interference or unwanted frequency signals in aerospace, automotive, telecommunication or electronics industry. It adopts copper or other conductive materials to supply efficient shielding. Shapes, sizes and shielding performance can be customized according to your requirements.
  • Speaker grill covering.
    Micro expanded metal provides excellent sound absorption and reducing the decibel levels in acoustic noise reduction applications. It is widely used in the microphones, loud speakers, speaker grilles to protect sensitive membranes while allowing a uniform permeability of sound.
  • Other applications of micro expanded metal
    • Daily supplies.
    • Plant supporting shelves.
    • Metal gratings.
    • Sun shading.
    • Screening.
    • Ceiling.

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