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SS Expanded Metal - Corrosion Resistance, good strength

Stainless steel expanded metal is made of stainless steel metal sheet, through die slitting and stretching to form uniform diamond shaped openings. In the manufacturing process, no material is lost, and it offers savings in weight, as well as free passage of light, liquid, sound and air. Stainless steel expanded metal is more rigid than an equal weight of solid steel plate or wire mesh, making it popular in architectural and commercial areas. It is worth mentioning that 18 gauge (0.05" thick) 304 stainless steel and 316 L stainless steel are materials that commonly used. But there is difference between them, so choose suitable material for your needs, and the following information will help you learn more about stainless steel expanded metal.

One stainless steel expanded metal sheet is welded into cylinder shape, and the edge is random sheared.
Expanded metal sheet can be welded into cylinder shape, and not all expanded metal mesh can be folded or rolled into different shapes, for their profiles should be considered.
One flattened expanded metal sheet, it is made of stainless steel, and its side and end are bond sheared.
Stainless steel expanded metal with flattened surface has a wide range of applications, and its edge can be random sheared or bond sheared according to clients' need.


  • Stainless steel 304 for anti-rusting and heat resistance.
  • Stainless steel 316 has more corrosion resistance.
  • Easy to be welded and cut for your ideal form.
  • Resistant to high temperature and food grade stainless steel especially designed for BBQ grill.
  • High mechanical strength for many applications that need large load bearing.


  • Material: stainless steel 304, 316, 316 L.
  • Types: stainless steel - flattened expanded metal (more attractive than raised type), stainless steel - raised expanded metal.
The drawing shows five terminologies of the flattened expanded metal.
Terminologies on the drawing help you select appropriate expanded metal.
Specification - stainless steel expanded metal
Style Strand size Design size Open area (%)
Width (inch) Thickness (inch) SWD (inch) LWD (inch)
SSEM1/2" - #18 0.080 0.050 0.500 1.20 70
SSEM1/2" - #18F 0.090 0.040 0.500 1.26 60
SSEM3/4" - #18 0.106 0.050 0.923 2.00 89
SSEM3/4" - #18F 0.118 0.040 0.923 2.10 77
SSEM1/2" - #16 0.087 0.062 0.500 1.20 70
SSEM1/2" - #16F 0.099 0.050 0.500 1.26 60
SSEM3/4" - #16 0.106 0.062 0.923 2.00 83
SSEM3/4" - #16F 0.118 0.050 0.923 2.10 75
SSEM1/2" - #13 0.120 0.093 0.500 1.20 58
SSEM1/2" - #13F 0.132 0.080 0.500 1.26 56
SSEM3/4" - #13 0.108 0.093 0.923 2.00 78
SSEM3/4" - #13F 0.120 0.070 0.923 2.10 74


  1. #18 refers to #18 raised expanded metal, #18F means 18 gauge flattened expanded metal.
  2. The dimensions are approximate, and for exact or customized data, please contact us.
  3. We offer stainless steel expanded metal sheet size: 1 ft × 2 ft, 2 ft × 2 ft, 2 ft × 4 ft, 4 ft × 4 ft, 4 ft × 8 ft.

Stainless steel expanded metal is typically used as machine guards, window / vent guards, security mesh for bank or parking lot, architectural material and decorative mesh. 304 stainless steel is a commercial grade of stainless steel metal sheet and most widely used. Its applications include architectural areas, expanded metal chimney caps, vent or animal guards and concrete reinforcement. It is not recommended for uses in walkways, grills, or trailers for it's not strong enough.

There are three BBQ grills and one barbecue sheet, all of them are made of stainless steel expanded metal.
Stainless steel expanded metal is often used as BBQ grills, for its high temperature resistance.
There is one dog cage made of stainless steel expanded metal and other materials, and a dog is in it.
Stainless steel expanded metal can be made into pet cage, which can prevent the pet from running around.
One door with security mesh, the security mesh is made of stainless steel expanded metal.
Made of stainless steel expanded metal, security mesh is often seen in residential areas, for it can prevent thieves entering rooms.
There are three air filters with different sizes, white filter paper and expanded metal as outer covering.
Stainless steel expanded metal can be made into the outer covering of automotive air filter, and flattened expanded metal is commonly used.

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