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How the Expanded Metal is Manufactured

Expanded metal mesh is manufactured from solid sheets/coils of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel or other alloys that can be expanded.

The picture shows the manufacturing process of expanded metal, and one piece of metal sheet has been made into expanded metal.
Expanded metal is manufactured through slitting and stretching by a set of die with upper blade and lower blade, while the diamonds may vary and this drawing just shows how a solid metal sheet becomes expanded metal without waste.
The picture shows how flattened expanded metal is made by the rolling mill.
Raised expanded metal is flattened by a rolling mill, and then comes into flattened expanded metal.

The sheets/coils are fed into the expanding machine, and the precision die cuts and stretches the metal in a single operation. Then the material is sheared and stretched into a particular pattern with uniform opening sizes. In the finished product, the strands form openings which allow free passage of air, sound, liquid and heat while offer impenetrable barrier to large solid objects or human bodies.

The metal sheet can be expanded up to ten times its original width, and the final product is lighter per meter and stronger per kilogram than its original sheet. No material is lost in the manufacturing process.

The expanded metal mesh won't unravel because of its strong material properties. Even if the finished metal sheet is cut at one or more points, the remaining strand intersections can hold the sheet together.

Five steps in the manufacturing process

  1. The metal sheet advances between the blades one strand width beyond the lower.
  2. The upper blade descends to form one half of the diamond design.
  3. The upper blade ascends to its original starting and transverses shift one half of diamond to the side as the metal sheet advances another strand width passing the edge of the lower blade.
  4. The upper blade descends again to form another row of half diamonds to complete a full diamond pattern.
  5. The upper blade ascends again to its original starting position, and the cycle continues until the sheet of expanded metal is complete.

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