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Expanded Metal Panels with Much Smaller Holes.

Customer Introduction:

Our customer is a Holland middleman selling architecture boards, and they need to purchase expanded metal panels and perforated panels for their clients.

Project Introduction:

  1. Customer requirements:
    First our customer told us they are seeking a 2 mm thick stainless or aluminum perforated panel with a specific Hexagonal design where the hex holes are very small - so that Transparency is no more than 20-25%.
  2. The problems we met with & how we solved them:
    • First we need to know the exact specifications of the expanded metal, then our customers sent us a sample picture they have.
    • A hand is holding a small piece of expanded metal sample, with bright surface and small holes.
      This is the original sample that our customer require us to make like it.
      There are two pieces of expanded metals, one with bright surface and one not so bright.
      The one with not so bright surface is our sample, it is because we acid pickling the surface to remove the oil.
    • After get the details, we checked our stocking and send them a similar one.
    • The customer emailed me that the sample we sent didn't meet their need, so in order to satisfy our customer, we manufacture one piece of the expanded metal and sent it again.
    • This time the structure is no problem but the surface is not so bright as customer expected.
    •  I explained that it is because our sample is after acid pickling so the surface is not so bright. And they accept the answer.
    • A piece of expanded metal with even holes structure and smooth surface.
      We made the sample just as the requirements of our customer.
      A detailed picture showing the even structure of the expanded metal.
      You can see the detailed structure of the expanded metal.
  3. After sales service:
    Our customer also asked about the price of anodized black finish, and we confirmed we can do that and provide our moderate price.
    A hand is hold a callipers measuring the stem width.
    We would measure the detailed specifications and take pictures of them, then show it to customer.
    A hand is hold a callipers measuring the thickness of the sample.
    We would absolutely make the goods according to customers' requirements.

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