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Aluminum Expanded Metal with Decorative Effect

Aluminum expanded metal is made from solid aluminum sheet that has been simultaneously slit and stretched, forming non-raveling mesh with uniform diamond shaped openings. It is lighter but more rigid than an equal weight of solid aluminum sheet. It won't unravel and could hold its shape for many years under normal circumstances. What makes aluminum expanded metal popular is that it's economical and versatile.

Aluminum is silver-colored, ductile and low density that finds use in a wide variety of commercial applications. It can be strengthened by adding appropriate alloying elements such as Cu, Mg, Mn, etc. 3003 aluminum is the most widely used for it has good corrosion resistance and a highly polished finish, which makes it an attractive choice for decoration applications. Common uses of 303 aluminum expanded metal involve fire screen, ventilation, security mesh, ceiling tiles, filter screen, etc. Other types of aluminum alloys include 5005, 5052, etc.

One piece of aluminum expanded metal with raised surface.
Aluminum expanded metal has silver color, and PVC coated treatment is commonly used as ornamental effect is considered.
One piece of aluminum expanded metal with white PVC coated, the opening is like a diamond.
Aluminum expanded metal with PVC coated is widely used for decoration in architectural areas.


  • It has light weight for easy transportation.
  • It is not easily bent, and suitable for security mesh applications.
  • Decorative properties for ceiling or room dividers.
  • Good corrosion resistance for long service life.
The picture shows that one piece of aluminum expanded metal is measured, and its LWO is about 60 mm.
We offer different sizes of aluminum expanded metal, the diamond opening size is not fixed.
There is one piece of aluminum expanded metal being measured by a tape, and its short way of design is about 14 cm.
SWD is measured from one pitch point center to another pitch point center, and the size of aluminum varies according to clients' demand.
The picture shows one piece of folded expanded metal, and there are two creases.
Aluminum expanded metal can be folded like this, which is mainly for decorative purpose.
It shows one piece of bending aluminum expanded metal with flattened surface.
Bending aluminum expanded metal is also available, it has good looking with its waving configuration.


  • Elements of 3003 Aluminum.
    Al: 98.7%, Mn: 1% - 1.5%, Cu: 0.05% - 0.2%, Fe: 0.7% max, Zn: 0.1% max, Si: 0.6 max.
  • Small sheets of aluminum expanded metal.
    12" × 12", 12" × 24", 12" × 36", 12" × 48", 24" × 24", 24" × 36", 24" × 48", 36" × 36", 36" × 48" (other sheet sizes are available upon request).
  • Detailed dimensions of aluminum expanded metal sheet.
    Specification - aluminum expanded metal
    Style Design size (inch) Opening size (inch) Strand size (inch) Open area (%)
    SWD LWD SWO LWO Thickness Width
    1/2"AEM-0.05 0.500 1.200 0.375 0.937 0.05 0.093 65
    1/2"AEM-0.05F 0.500 1.270 0.312 1.000 0.04 0.104 61
    1/2"AEM-0.08 0.500 1.200 0.375 0.937 0.08 0.096 60
    1/2"AEM-0.08F 0.500 1.270 0.312 1.000 0.06 0.105 58
    3/4"AEM-0.05 0.923 2.000 0.812 1.750 0.05 0.109 78
    3/4"AEM-0.05F 0.923 2.125 0.750 1.812 0.04 0.122 72
    3/4"AEM-0.8 0.923 2.000 0.750 1.680 0.08 0.129 76
    3/4"AEM-0.8F 0.923 2.125 0.690 1.750 0.07 0.143 70
    1-1/2"AEM-0.8 1.330 3.000 1.149 2.500 0.08 0.128 81
    1-1/2"AEM-0.8F 1.330 3.150 1.044 2.750 0.06 0.143 78


    1. The above dimensions are normally used, but just approximate.
    2. A tolerance of ±10% is permitted in dimensions.

The openings formed in fabricating process allow air, sound, light and heat to pass through. The decorative patterns are mainly used for aesthetic purposes such as ceiling, stadium partitions and shelves. Aluminum expanded metal is versatile, and easy found in the following applications:

  • Filter screens.
  • Building cladding.
  • Bird screens.
  • Partitions / enclosures.
  • Ventilation parts for air conditioners.
  • Louvers.
  • Metal cabinet shelves.
  • Amusement equipment.
  • Security mesh of doors and windows.
The picture shows one construction with expanded metal cladding.
Some typical buildings use expanded metal as the outer cladding, which regulates air flow through direction and has attractive appearance.

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