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Expanded Metal Grating for Secure Walking

Expanded metal grating is manufactured by piercing and stretching the metal sheet in one operation creating anti-slip surface with diamond openings. The anti-slip surface offers safe foothold to stand and walk, and the openings provides free passage for unwanted materials, also gives an aesthetic appeal for design. Expanded metal grating has thicker strands than normal expanded metal sheet, which in turn affords it large load bearing characteristics.

The picture shows that the expanded metal grating is applied as one slope, and it is constructed with metal handrails.
Expanded metal grating is excellent for slopes due to its anti-slip property.


  • Diamond openings allow free passage of air, sound, heat and light.
  • Superb strength to weight ratio.
  • Tested load bearing capacities.
  • Anti-slip properties suitable for applications where safety underfoot is critical.
  • High corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  • Cut to size service is available.


  • Material: stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel.
  • Opening shapes: hexagon, diamond.
  • Popular dimensions (cut to size service is available):
    • Overall thickness: 0.2" - 0.87".
    • Sheet size: 96" × 72", 96" × 48", 120" × 48".
    • Open area: 48% - 77%.

Note: when ordering expanded metal grating sheet, list the SW first, for example, 4' × 8', 6' × 8', and we also offer cut to size service.

The picture shows two types of expanded metal grating, and they have different openings - hexagon and diamond.
Expanded metal grating is available in the two popular types, which are different in opening shapes.

Standard flow expanded metal grating and reverse flow expanded metal grating
There are two ways for expanded metal grating, SW is measured paralleled to the short way of the diamond opening.

The picture shows standard and reverse flow expanded metal grating, and how SW and LW are measured.
Two styles of expanded metal grating, and the SW and LW measurement identification help you select proper grating.

Expanded metal grating is the most economical way to assure strength, safety and non-skid surface, which is ideal for use on stair treads, plant runways, road crossings, wheelchair ramps, catwalks in commercial, industrial areas. And it can be cut into irregular shapes for different applications and can be installed quickly by welding.

The picture shows one orange expanded metal grating at a construction site, with railings at two sides.
Expanded metal grating is often used on the building site, where constructors can walk across.
Workers are carrying many expanded metal gratings into the container.
Large quantities of expanded metal gratings are ready to be transported.

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