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Steel Expanded Metal With Raised & Flattened Type

Steel expanded metal is produced from one steel plate or roll through simultaneously slitting and stretching, which forms a wide array of diamond shaped openings with uniform sizes. During the expanding process, the metal can be expanded up to ten times its original width, losing up to 80 % its weight per meter, and becomes more rigid. It is lighter, less expensive than a single metal sheet, and also allows for free flow of liquid, heat, air and sound, yet producing impenetrable barrier to larger solid objects (or persons). Compared with the traditional flat metal sheet, steel expanded metal has more notable advantages for its versatile applications. More and more new applications are found for it in the family, office, and other industrial, commercial fields.

One piece of steel expanded metal mesh with uniform diamond openings.
SEM-01: Steel expanded metal is manufactured into sheet profile, its flattened surface is rolled from raised expanded metal.
There are three small coils of expanded metal mesh, and they have different mesh sizes.
SEM-02: We offer steel expanded metal in coils, and the sizes can be made to order.
There are many rolls of steel expanded metal that are painted red.
SEM-03: Steel expanded metal is often painted red for anti-rust.
One part of steel expanded metal, and they are galvanized.
SEM-04: Hot-dipped galvanized surface treatment is commonly used in steel expanded metal for corrosion resistance.
The picture shows eight pieces of expanded metal, which has different opening sizes.
SEM-05: Diamond openings of expanded metal vary in size and shape for different uses.
There are six round expanded metal slices, they have different sizes.
SEM-06: Steel expanded metal is cut into round shape for specific use, and although cut at the end, the remaining part won't ravel and keeps its structure.

How is steel expanded metal made?
Steel expanded metal is manufactured by a process of shearing and stretching under a precisely programmed machine, which produces precise apertures but stretches the metal sheet (See more details in Technology). Different specifications can be made by changing the material or the expanded style.

Two types of expanded metal
Steel expanded metal is manufactured in two ways: raised expanded metal and flattened expanded metal. Raised expanded metal is also known as standard expanded metal, it has diamond openings with slightly raised surface. Flattened expanded metal is manufactured by passing the standard expanded sheet through a cold roll reducing mill, forming diamond openings with flat surface.

One part of expanded metal with raised surface.
SEM-07: Raised profile of expanded metal.
One part of expanded metal with flattened surface.
SEM-08: Flattened profile of expanded metal.


  • One piece and single unit construction.
  • Less weight and more economic than regular metal sheet.
  • Extensive range of materials to suit any application.
  • It is rigid for protective uses, while providing decorative effect.
  • High quality for durable use.
  • The most economical option among all metal materials.
  • Easy to install.


  • Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing, anti-rust paint, powder coated, PVC coated, etc.
  • Thickness: 9 gauge to 20 gauge.
  • Available sheet sizes: 1' × 2', 1' × 4', 2' × 2', 2' ×4', 4' × 4', 4' × 8', 5' × 10', or made to size.

The applications are as endless as the benefits gained, so steel expanded metal applications are not limited to the following lists.

  • Interior partition and barrier.
  • Architectural fencing.
  • Security screen.
  • Ceiling tile.
  • Building cladding.
  • Dust bin.
  • Garden bench and furniture.
  • Walkway and stair tread.
  • Display stand.
  • Vent guard and chimney cover.
  • Car grille.
  • Grain drying rack.
  • Air filter and air intake screen.
  • Seedbed in flower farming.
The expanded metal bench support many potted flowers in the greenhouse.
SEM-09: Greenhouse bench of expanded metal gains much popularity for it is portable and maximizes the planting space.
Two expanded metal platforms, with raised surface and yellow coated surface.
SEM-10: Expanded metal platform is used for supporting large load, it is portable and easily transported.
There is one outdoor barbecue grill with round shape and two supporting legs.
SEM-11: Steel expanded metal can be manufactured into barbecue grill with different shapes.
It shows one auto pedal that made of expanded metal.
SEM-12: Steel expanded metal is used as one assembly unit of an auto pedal.
The picture shows ceiling tile in a shopping mall, it is made of expanded metal and there are several lights hang upon it.
SEM-13: Steel expanded metal works as ceiling tile that provides visibility and ventilation of air, and it holds the lights that provides decorative effect.
The picture shows green expanded metal fence, and the fence separates one factory from the surrounding environment.
SEM-14: One popular application of steel expanded metal is the fence, which acts as protection for factory, school or private residence.
There is a white expanded metal fence sample, it is installed with metal column.
SEM-15: We supply different sizes of expanded metal fences, and it is used as garden fence and security fence for private residence.
There is a line of expanded metal mesh partitions in a warehouse, and there are many goods on one side.
SEM-16: Expanded metal partition is commonly seen in factory warehouse, it separate and protect different types of goods.
There is one semicircle shaped decoration made of expanded metal, which covers one lamp inside.
SEM-17: One lamp decoration made of steel expanded metal with raised strands, it has uniform sized openings that permit light and air to pass through.
There is one cylinder shaped metal filter with expanded metal enclosure.
SEM-18: Expanded metal enclosure of metal filter is commonly seen as the expanded metal fabrication offers good protection.

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