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Flattened Expanded Metal Serves for Living Field

Flattened expanded metal is made by passing standard expanded metal through a cold rolled reducing mill, leaving a flat and smooth surface that is similar to perforated metal. The rolling process makes the strands and bonds down, thus reducing the thickness of the metal sheet and stretching the pattern. Flattened expanded metal possesses many properties, making it a very versatile product suitable for applications across many industries, such as commercial, automobile and agricultural.

One piece of flattened expanded metal, its outer layer is white PVC coated.
FEM-01: One flattened expanded metal with PVC coated for anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, and there are many colours for choice.
One piece of steel flattened expanded metal sheet, it has uniform diamond openings.
FEM-02: Flattened expanded metal is made by passing the raised expanded metal sheet through a cold rolled reducing mill, and then sent through a leveler to maintain its flatness.
One piece of steel flattened expanded metal sheet is welded into cylinder shape, it has uniform diamond openings.
FEM-03: Flattened expanded metal sheet can be welded into cylindrical shape, whose diameter can vary to meet your needs.
One black bicycle basket, it has flattened expanded metal and PVC construction, with one handle and two hooks.
FEM-04: Flattened expanded metal with PVC coated can be made into bicycle basket, its structure is not easily damaged by the goods in the basket.
This is one piece of flattened expanded metal sheet, it has two kinds of openings: diamond and hexagonal openings.
FEM-05: The special opening pattern of flattened expanded metal sheet is suitable for decorative use.

Shearing methods

Expanded metal shearing methods include four ways from two directions. They give you an instruction when ordering expanded metal.

The picture shows the shearing methods of expanded metal, side shearing and bond shearing.
FEM-06: Flattened expanded metal can be sheared within two directions - side and end.
  • End bond shearing
    One end is cut on the bond parallel to the SWD, the other end usually has open diamonds.
  • End random shearing
    The shearing direction is parallel to the SWD. The end random cut normally leaves open diamonds at the ends.
  • Side bond shearing
    Side bond cut is made along the length of the metal sheet on the center line of the bond over the specific width.
  • Side random shearing
    Side random shearing is cut that is parallel to the LWD dimension of the metal sheet, leaving opening diamonds.


  • Steel construction provides strength, welded ability and wear resistance.
  • Stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
  • Various materials and a great variety of sizes, styles for choice.
  • Cost effective way for many applications.
  • The outer layer can be coated any color for pleasing appearance.


  • Material: carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, or other alloys.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, powder coated, PVC coated, etc.
Specification - flattened expanded metal
Style Strand thickness Strand width SWD LWD SWO LWO Open area (%)
FEM-1/4"#18 0.040 0.087 0.255 1.030 0.094 0.689 40
FEM-1/4"#20 0.030 0.086 0.255 1.030 0.094 0.689 46
FEM-1/2"#16 0.050 0.103 0.500 1.260 0.250 1.000 60
FEM-1/2"#18 0.039 0.109 0.500 1.260 0.281 1.000 68
FEM-1/2"#20 0.029 0.070 0.500 1.260 0.375 1.000 72
FEM-3/4"#13 0.070 0.119 0.923 2.100 0.688 1.782 73
FEM-3/4"#14 0.060 0.119 0.923 2.100 0.688 1.813 70
FEM-3/4"#16 0.049 0.115 0.923 2.100 0.750 1.750 75


  1. All the dimensions are measured from the material of carbon steel.
  2. All dimensions in inch.

Flattened expanded metal has many applications such as exhibition stand, dust bin, decorative mesh, garden bench or table, outer layer of filter, etc.

The picture shows one set of green garden furniture, the table is round shape, and four chairs make a circle around the table.
FEM-07: Tables and chairs made of flattened expanded metal are commonly seen in gardens, they have high rigidity as well as pleasing appearance.
There are four pen cases with flattened expanded metal construction and colorful PVC coated, each one has three partitions.
FEM-08: One of the flattened expanded metal applications is the pen case, which is used for holding stationery, and the colorful PVC coating offers pleasing appearance.
One medium size dust bin, it is made of flattened expanded metal with black PVC coated, and a mass of waste paper is in it.
FEM-09: Dust bin is another flattened expanded metal application, it is indispensable for office and family use.

Expanded metal mesh is usually packaged with pallet or wooden box, and other ways of packaging are available.

Many pieces of flattened expanded metal meshes are stacked together, nearly every fifty pieces are one pile, and every pile is tied up with plastic rope.
FEM-10: Flattened expanded metal meshes are packaged on the pallet, with every fifty pieces per bundle.

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