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Raised Expanded Metal with Various Materials & Designs

Raised expanded metal is also known as standard expanded metal. Raised expanded metal is made by shearing and stretching the metal sheet with a set of die on a press, creating diamond shaped openings. The solid intersections of two strands are called bonds that lie on top of each other to form a raised effect. This adds additional strength and rigidity to the expanded metal, also provides directional skid-resistance surface. No material is lost in the manufacturing process, not like the perforated metal production, so it is a green engineered alternative in many projects.

One raised expanded metal sheet, with uniform diamond shaped openings.
REM-01: One raised expanded metal sheet made of carbon steel, which has higher mechanical strength through expanding.
One piece of raised expanded metal, the openings are hexagonal.
REM-02: One raised expanded metal sheet made of aluminum, which has decorative or ornamental effect.
The picture shows raised expanded metal with diamond and special shaped openings, and it is welded into cylinder shape.
REM-03: This kind of raised expanded metal with special shaped openings could be used for decoration as it has ornamental effect.
It is one part of raised expanded metal with two kinds of openings, diamond shaped and hexagon shaped.
REM-04: This kind of raised expanded metal has two kinds of openings, which are arranged uniformly.
There is one piece of standard expanded metal mesh with rhombic and hexagon openings.
REM-05: We offer this kind of raised expanded metal with two types of openings.
One piece of purple PVC coated raised expanded metal sheet with diamond openings.
REM-06: Raised expanded metal sheet can be made with PVC coated, and the colour varies according to customers' demand.
One piece of raised expanded metal sheet is welded into cylinder shape.
REM-07: Raised expanded metal sheet can be welded into cylinder shape, which is often used as protective cover.
There is one piece of raised expanded metal in rosy, and it has diamond openings with uniform sizes.
REM-08: Raised expanded metal can be coated with rosy color, which is really beautiful.
On hand is holding one piece of raised expanded metal with folded design, forming wave patterns.
REM-09: This kind of folded raised expanded metal with wave patterns is suitable for decorative use.
The picture shows raised expanded metal with rhombic openings.
REM-10: Standard rhombic expanded metal is shown, its strands intersections form many bonds.
The picture shows four raised expanded metal terms (SWD, LWD, STRAND THICKNESS, STRAND WIDTH) and how they are defined.
REM-11: Raised expanded metal terminology shown on the drawing helps you understand its specification.


  • Material: low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel alloy, other alloys.
  • Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing, electric galvanizing, anti-rust paint, etc.
Specification - raised expanded metal
Style Strand Design sizes Opening sizes Open area (%)
Thickness Width LWD SWD LWO SWO
REM-3/4"#9 0.134 0.150 2.00 0.923 1.562 0.675 67
REM-3/4"#10 0.092 0.144 2.00 0.923 1.625 0.718 69
REM-3/4"#13 0.090 0.096 2.00 0.923 1.688 0.76 79
REM-3/4"#16 0.060 0.101 2.00 0.923 1.75 0.783 78
REM-1/2"#13 0.090 0.096 1.20 0.500 0.938 0.337 62
REM-1/2"#16 0.060 0.087 1.20 0.500 0.938 0.372 65
REM-1/2"#18 0.048 0.088 1.20 0.500 0.938 0.382 65
REM-1/2"#20 0.036 0.072 1.00 0.500 0.718 0.407 71
REM-1/4"#18 0.048 0.072 1.00 0.250 0.718 0.146 42
REM-1/4"#20 0.036 0.072 1.00 0.250 0.718 0.157 42
REM-1"#16 0.060 0.087 2.40 1.000 2.062 0.872 83
REM-2"#9 0.134 0.149 4.00 1.850 3.375 1.603 84
REM-2"#10 0.090 0.164 4.00 1.850 3.439 1.630 82


  1. All dimensions in inch.
  2. Measurement is taken carbon steel as an example.
There is one stair case shown, its treads are made from expanded metal.
REM-12: Raised expanded metal can be used as stair treads, for its anti-skid surface prevents you from hurt.


  • Various materials and easily customized to meet your needs.
  • Raised bonds for skid-resistance effect.
  • It won't ravel when cut at one side.
  • Stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance.
  • Anti-climb property is suitable for fencing or stair treads.

Raised expanded metal is widely used in architectural and commercial industries, other applications are as follows.

  • Stair treads.
  • Security mesh in construction elevator.
  • Grain dryer.
  • Trailer ramps.
  • Fan guard.
  • Shelving.
The picture shows one trailer made of raised expanded metal, and it is installed upon a pair of rubber tires.
REM-13: Expanded metal trailer is popular with its high strength and large quantities of openings for ventilation of air and visibility.
There is a blue collapsible shelf of small size, its two supporting surfaces are different sizes.
REM-14: Expanded metal collapsible shelf is a good choice for holding things used in outdoors and indoors, and it can be folded to save space when it is not needed.
One yellow safe guard with two doors, it is made of raised expanded metal, and painted with red safety tips slogan.
REM-15: Raised expanded metal can be made into safe guard for construction site, it is usually with yellow PVC coated for improving safety as yellow is an eye-catching colour.
The picture shows green security fence of one factory, and the fence is made of raised expanded metal and metal posts.
REM-16: Raised expanded metal is commonly used as security fence for some factories, and the green colour coated has a meaning of environmental protection.
One raised expanded metal mesh is used as garden fencing, and the plant grow up on it.
REM-17: Raised expanded metal has another usage - garden fencing, and it also performs decorative effect.

We offer raised expanded metal in sheet or coil, the package is as customers' demand.

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