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How to Order Expanded Metal

When ordering expanded metal, give us complete specifications like style, type of material, raised or flattened, sheet size, quantity of expanded metal mesh, etc. SW dimensions always given before LW.

50 sheets, 1/2" #18 R stainless steel, 4' SW × 6' LW.


  1. All the thickness specifications refer to the material thickness before the expanded process takes place. And not all patterns are available in all thickness, for example, it is not possible to use 1/2" size in 9 gauge.
  2. Tell us the surface treatment if required, for example, hot-dipped galvanizing, powder coated, painted or untreated.
  3. Please state the specification tolerance if required.

If you are unsure how to order expanded metal and have any question about the specification, please do not hesitate to contact us, we'll be glad to guide you through any step of ordering procedure, and we offer customized specifications for your application.

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